Doing Business with PPI

PPI Benefit Solutions values the relationship you have with your clients. That's why we have no direct sales force. We support you through technology and services to help you increase your value to clients without adding layers of expense.

  • Preferred Carriers

    When business is placed with our preferred carriers, they subsidize some or all of the cost of PPI Benefit Solutions' services.

  • Marketing and Sales Support

    PPI Benefit Solutions maintains a knowledgeable and experienced staff of underwriters and sales support personnel to help you with timely, accurate materials and quotes. These services can include:

    • Sales positioning/Carrier negotiations
    • Consolidated proposals
    • Electronic benefit surveys
    • Renewal support
  • Implementation

    The Case Installation Team organizes all required paperwork, coordinates set-up at the carrier, and handles plan set-up on the AutoEnroll system.

    1. 1. Client Submits Sold Case Paperwork to PPI:

      Upon becoming a client of PPI Benefit Solutions you will receive a packet that includes your Administration Agreement, a Takeover Authorization Letter if PPI is taking over administration on an existing line of coverage, and other important paperwork to capture details of your benefits and billing requirements. Employee demographics and a deposit binder may also be collected at this time. The packet also includes a checklist to be returned to PPI, to ensure that your plan is installed in an accurate and a timely manner. You may return the completed checklist and paperwork to your broker or PPI case installation analyst.

    2. 2. PPI Establishes Carrier Feeds (EDI), Performs System Set-up and Billing Configuration:

      PPI gathers information from completed sold case paperwork and submits the appropriate carrier forms to each carrier to establish the EDI and plan set-up with those carriers.

      PPI configures AutoEnroll specific to your plan, eligibility, and billing specifications. If you will use Employee SelfEnroll for employee self-service, the system requires additional configuration and information, such as employee access rules, contribution schedules, educational materials and other content.

      You also receive access to your custom website at to access or download your monthly invoice, find important forms and compliance resources, or view plan summaries and carrier contacts.

    3. 3. Enrollment:

      The initial enrollment is provided to PPI via carrier forms or employee census. For ongoing enrollments, administrators enter employee elections into AutoEnroll. If you have opted for SelfEnroll, our employee self-service portal, employees make their own elections, which pend until you approve.

      When PPI takes over administration on an existing line of coverage, we request an eligibility census from the carrier to load into AutoEnroll. Note: some dental and vision carriers do not store dependent information, which AutoEnroll requires for billing purposes. After the initial data are loaded, we will provide you with a list of employees who are missing dependent information. Before the EDI set-up is complete, it is important that all eligibility changes be sent to PPI, NOT the carrier. Once the EDI is active, ongoing enrollment changes will be sent automatically to each carrier.

    4. 4. Administrator Training/Testing:

      PPI can demonstrate AutoEnroll's basic functionality, such as adding and terminating employees, updating employee data, how to run standard reports, etc. You can also call our Billing & Eligibility Department at any time for help with accessing and using the system. If you are using Employee SelfEnroll, the system is tested and approved prior to going live.

    5. 5. Client Receives First Bill From PPI:

      You will receive an email from PPI that your online bill is available and can be accessed on The first invoice should be evaluated closely for any needed adjustments due to late enrollments or changes made after the 10th of the month cutoff date. Any corrections will appear on the following month's invoice; PPI cannot process an updated bill.

      For takeover coverages, PPI's first bill will include all actively enrolled members as provided to PPI by the carrier. PPI will reconcile your first PPI bill against the carrier bill to identify any retroactive adjustments that may be required, due to timing. Typically, it takes two billing cycles to complete this reconciliation process.

  • Quote Requests

    To submit quotes for existing PPI clients:

    All new business quote requests should be sent directly to your PPI Benefit Solutions account executive.

    If you do not currently work with an account executive, please call: (888) 674-0046.