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The Association of Community Service Agencies (ACSA) Trust was established in 1960 by PPI Benefit Solutions' founder, Moses Malkin, as a multiple-employer health and welfare arrangement to uniquely serve the employee benefit needs of the nonprofit community. The Boston Insurance Employee Benefit Trust (BIEBT) was created to provide group benefits to a broader base of clients in the for-profit market. The trusts have allowed PPI Benefit Solutions to manage benefits and arrangements for participating employers and their employees as though they were one large group.

Highlights of the Trusts include:

  • The Trusts serve the interests of over 1,400 employers representing more than 105,000 employees.
  • An employer becomes a member of the Trust by way of a simple trust application.
  • An employer must be a member of the Trust to receive PPI's products and services. However, the member can withdraw from the Trust and PPI's administrative services at any time.
  • Principal Trust Company is the trustee of both trusts.
  • Bank of America provides lock box services for the trustee and Trust participants.
  • Participating employers remit payment for coverage directly to the Trust lock box and not to PPI. Those premium payments are then paid by the Trust, on behalf of all participating employers and their employees, directly to the insurers.
  • As trust administrator, PPI manages all carrier relationships, provides accounting and financial services, oversees the aggregation of participating employers into larger risk pools and manages the new business and renewal process.
  • PPI also provides unique and valuable administrative services to Trust members, many of which are typically available only to much larger employer groups. Such services include customized and consolidated enrollment, billing and premium collection solutions, web resources, and COBRA Administration.
  • The Department of Labor maintains regulatory oversight of the Trusts and PPI strictly adheres to the guidelines and legal precedence outlined as acceptable practices related to the types of services.