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What People Say About Us

OKEE Industries, Inc.

My time spent working with PPI Benefit Solutions (PPI) has been the best experience I've ever had when implementing a new group health insurance plan. I have looked for a program like this in the past but was never able to find a solution that offered all of the services I was looking for.

Prior to PPI, our carriers used to send us four separate invoices each month, in addition to four sets of enrollment forms and four sets of termination forms. We handled all communication through email and had to calculate employee payroll deductions manually. This led to a lack of accuracy and timeliness when updating employee information. As the person responsible for the maintenance of our group health insurance plan, my time is limited, even without the added stress of piles of paperwork and follow-up emails. Moving to the PPI platform has been the best solution I ever could have hoped for.

PPI offers consolidated benefits billing and provides me with one monthly invoice for all lines of coverage. In addition, my company has multiple locations, and I was able to assign our employees to their respective subsidiaries so that my monthly invoice comes to me already allocated by location. This has significantly cut back on the time I used to spend reconciling invoices, and has eliminated much of the confusion that I faced on a monthly basis.

I am now able to process enrollment and eligibility changes myself in PPI's online portal, AutoEnroll. And, the system provides me with confirmation when I add, delete, or update an employee's information so that I no longer have to follow-up repeatedly to ensure that a change has been processed.

Finally, our Account Manager at PPI set up a report for us within AutoEnroll that runs automatically each week and provides me with a summary of payroll deductions by employee. This has saved me endless amounts of time and has removed a lot of the guesswork and manual calculations that I used to face when processing payroll.

I have worked in private industry for approximately 40 years, and I am confident that this is the best program I have ever worked with. PPI has completely streamlined our benefits administration experience and is always there to provide me with help and support when needed. The time saved since we started working with PPI has been significant and their service seems to be as close to perfect as you can get!

BCG Advisors

"PPI is so helpful and we appreciate all they provide to our clients. It is a pleasure working with them."

The Cambridge Organization, Inc.

"My contact at PPI's patience and assistance is priceless. It is not just the fact that she assists us in a timely manner, but also the professionalism and accuracy of what she provides us. I have been in the insurance industry for over 14 years, and finding someone as dedicated as she is very rare!"

Corporate Consulting Services, Ltd.

"My contact at PPI is very responsive, professional, and has been a tremendous help in assisting us in providing quality service to our clients."

eXude, Inc.

"Our multifaceted partnership with PPI has proven to be invaluable over the years. Their leverage with carriers has provided our clients the ability to negotiate more favorable renewals. Their advocacy services are a great resource to our Client Service Center. Their online enrollment and consolidated billing services provide streamlined administration which helps save us time in our daily interactions with them and the clients we place with them. We know that we can count on the team at PPI and we truly appreciate that."

MDG Employee Benefit Solutions

"MDG has enjoyed working with PPI for over a decade. Their customer service and sales executives are very knowledgeable and always willing to assist and meet our client needs."

People's United Insurance Agency, RC Knox Division

"My contact at PPI is the very best at what she does. I can't tell you how many times she has helped me get things straightened out for our clients. She does what she promises to do and takes ownership of whatever problem I throw at her."

Security First Insurance Group

"We've been partnered with PPI for over five years now. PPI currently manages and administers an association dental program for us. Their administration, marketing, and follow through are exemplary. On all new and renewal business, their marketing efforts are thorough and streamlined. It's nice to have a partner that handles so much for us and our clients. With their resources and capabilities, PPI has shown us that not only can they make installation of any size group a cinch, but they truly are an extension of a business HR division. An excellent service model!"

Willis of Connecticut LLC

"We always appreciate PPI's quick responses and great service, and are very happy with our contacts there."